Beware The Full Moon! Check Out The 10 Freakiest 'Teen Wolf' Moments [Video]

All Hallow's Eve is nearly upon us, and if carved pumpkins or motion-activated ghosts don't do enough to get you into the spirit, why not celebrate by watching the "Teen Wolf" moments that almost made you soil yourself? Across two seasons and many gallons of blood spilled, there's been more than one instance in which we, as viewers, have hidden behind nearby pillows or teddy bears in hopes that either could shield us from the terror onscreen. Don't judge--that Kanima is some scary sh**!

Below are 10 scenes collected from the first 24 "Teen Wolf" episodes that still leave us reeling. Hey, remember that time Lydia thought she was drowning in a bathtub full of her own hair? How about when Derek got a nice how-do-you-do in the form of a throat impaling? Good times, guys. Good times.

Check out the clips, and as you're anxiously awaiting the arrival of Oct. 31st, tune in to MTV's Halloween Movie Marathon--hosted by the casts of "Teen Wolf and "Awkward"--this Friday to Sunday!

Jackson has an unpleasant trip to the doctor's office:

Derek gets impaled:

Scott dreams he kills Allison:

Lydia wades through a bathtub full of hair:

Gerard cuts a werewolf down to size:

Gerard makes Scott an offer he can't refuse:

So nice to see you, Jackson:

Jackson leaves the writing on the wall:

Matt shoots Scott:

Gerard leaves Matt breathless:

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