Kristin Cavallari Leaves No Costume Untouched At Halloween Event [Photos]

Holy Batwoman! Kristin Cavallari rocks Minnie Mouse ears and a superhero mini-skirt.

New mom Kristin Cavallari wears many hats these days. Literally. As host of the "Bing It On" Halloween Costume Challenge at NYC's Spirit Halloween on Friday, the hot mama tried on everything from a sailor cap to bunny ears in an effort to encourage attendees to create the most "outrageous and fun" costume in under five minutes. Participants did not disappoint with get-ups that included rainbow tutus, Lycra bodysuits and furry leg warmers. (The winner somehow incorporated all three.)

Luckily, the former Hillzie's son Camden wasn't on hand to see some of the gorier sights of the day, such as a demon baby---which K-Cav cradled!--and a dismembered head handbag. The two-month-old's Hallows Eve costume will be a tad tamer: "I'm not actually dressing up this year but I'm dressing Camden up as a lion :)," Cavallari dished during a #Bing It Twitter chat on Thursday. Although, as one fan pointed out, perhaps Cam should consider dressing up as another animal instead to support dad Jay Cutler's team. "A lion for Halloween??? Wouldn't your husband prefer a bear??" Hey, with over a week left til Oct. 31st, there's still time to make the swap, K!

K-Cav: The lost Jabbawockeez crew member?

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 Photos: Robin Marchant/Getty Images