Little Sophia Keeps A Brave Face Through First Ear-Piercing [Photo]

Sophia (and her lobes) are really growing up!

Well, would you look at that! Farrah Abraham's daughter is stronger than she (and that sweet butterfly tattoo on her cheek) might indicate. Upon having her ears pierced for the first time--a fashionable rite of passage that leaves most little girls in a pool of their own tears--Sophia showed not a single sign of crying. Wish we could say we had the same resolve when it comes to needles...

"Look who just got her ears pierced" Farrah tweeted recently alongside a photo of Soph admiring a new set of sparkly studs. "Teen Mom 2" cast member Chelsea Houska chimed in with a "she's so adorable!" and we have to agree. Still, the grin-and-bear-it types always have a way of keeping their parents on their toes--better watch out, Farrah, or this kid's love of colorful ink might manifest itself in the form of a permanent fixture down the line.

+ Check out the snapshot, and tell us if you appreciate Sophia's more refined toddler-style!

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Photo courtesy of @F1Abraham