Ronnie's Butt Bleed Wins Award For Worst 'Jersey Shore' Injury [Bonus Scene]

Scrapbooks are one solid way of memorializing summers spent with friends. It just so happens, medical bills and insurance claims are another. VinnySnooki and JWOWW recount all of the "Jersey Shore" cast's trips to the doctor's office and hospital in the Episode 5 bonus scene below, and from a busted rib to bleeding where the sun don't shine, there's not a single scratch or sore forgotten.

After Jenni fractured her foot in the midst of an intense brawl at Bamboo, the group spent a lazy day in the house throwing a nod to their injured former selves. "I kicked it off with pink eye," Vinny proudly says, but Snooks and Jenni raise him a potentially broken rib and ear infection, respectively. It's hard to tell who's in the lead as they carry on, but as soon as Ronnie's sphincter is considered, the blue ribbon-winner becomes clear. Check out the video:

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