A Gym Session Turns Nasty Between Challengers Alton And Frank [Sneak Peek]

It's clearly time for Frank and Alton to put the barbells down and hit the showers, but both tough guys stubbornly stand their ground in the sneak peek of Wednesday's all-new "Challenge" below. After overhearing Frank make a snide remark about him to Ashley and Zach, Alton bites back, ensuring that if Team Las Vegas ever had a chance to return to San Diego's alliance, it's pretty much shot to hell. Tensions mount as shoulders bump, and the two rivals eventually seem one lunge away from officially dueling. "I'm not the one you want to get hurt by," Alton warns Frank before returning to his bicep curls.

And suddenly, the unbearably irritating gym rat who belts out a battle cry after each completed set seems like perfect company.

+ Check out the clip, and tell us if you think Frank has reason to be annoyed by Alton, or if he's making trouble where it doesn't exist.

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