Shirtless Manplay Earns The Spotlight On The Next 'Ridiculousness' [Sneak Peek]

Every bro bash should come complete with greasy pizza and the game on HD, but as "The Challenge" host TJ Lavin exemplifies in this sneak peek of tonight's new "Ridiculousness," some waist-up nudity can always add an extra element of fun. TJ and Rob Dyrdek analyze "Shirtless Manplay" in the show's next episode, which spotlights homemade videos that take horsing around to a whole 'nother level.

Below, Rob asks what necessitates a bare chest while wrestling with a buddy, and TJ--a guilty-as-charged participant--answers that it's "just to get a little closer." The rest of the men featured definitely support the claim--from a choreographed poolside dance party to the most disturbing game of tug-of-war we've ever seen (hint: the anchors are the competitors' underwear), there is no holding back. This simply ain't your standard Sunday afternoon BBQ.

Check out the manplay, and tune in to an all new "Ridiculousness" tonight at 10/9c!

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