Snooki Reveals Little Lorenzo's Fashion Inspiration: Pauly D!

Snooki can't get enough snuggling in with her newborn.

Pauly D: a style idol for the tot set? Snooki seems to think so. According to OK! magazine, the new mom has looked no further than her "Jersey Shore" co-star's wardrobe for ideas on how to clothe Baby Lorenzo. We have to admit, that scared us a bit, until we saw her awwww-dorable interpretation: a polo shirt with a popped collar. "I just make him swaggy [in his] Ralph Lauren clothes. He looks so cute!" she tells the mag. We have to agree, but unlike Pauly, the two-month old has managed to keep his shirt on. Now let's just hope he can keep his hands out of the gel jar.

So far, the settled-down guidette has only one complaint about motherhood. "He gets up every two to three hours, which is annoying, but other than that, it's so easy. He is starting to smile a lot, and giggle, which is so cute," she says. "I'm having a blast being a mom. Maybe because Lorenzo's such a good baby, but he hardly cries." Quick, somebody knock on wood!

Lorenzo's already a flirt!

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Photos courtesy of @Snooki