MTV Stars: When They Were Young [Photo Gallery]

The various actors and reality stars featured on MTV are, for the most part, only a hop, skip and jump away from their childhood years, but that doesn't mean they bear a strong resemblance to their pre-fame selves. Back in No-Namesville, many of them sported bowl cuts, coke-bottle glasses and even athletic equipment--a far cry from the surgical enhancements, bulging biceps and professionally-whitened smiles that physically characterize them today.

Want to see what JWOWW of "Jersey Shore" looked like before learning how to walk in sky-high heels? What Tyler Posey of "Teen Wolf" looked like with his shirt on? Take a peek at the pics below, then check out our MTV STARS: WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG photo gallery for a full-on flashback to more of our cast members' days of innocence.

Farrah Abraham of "Teen Mom"

Jenni Farley of "Jersey Shore"

Colton Haynes of "Teen Wolf"

+ See more old-school pics in our MTV STARS: WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG photo gallery, and comment on who you think was the cutest!

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Photos courtesy of Splash News,, @ColtonLHaynes