'Underemployed' Sneak Peek: Lou Gets Some Unfriendly Advice From A Co-worker

If a co-worker marches toward your cubicle wielding only the words: "Hey there, gossip girl," hide--no good can come from it. Lou learns the hard way that any office environment always includes at least one resident assh*** in the upcoming episode of "Underemployed," and rather than put up a fight, the guy with the green thumb just sits back and takes it. HR is awaiting your call, friend!

Punctuating his diatribe with one condescending "brah" after the next, one of Lou's superiors bears down on him after catching the new hire making personal calls on the company line in this sneak peek of Episode 2. Lou's having some trouble keeping his head above water with a new baby back home, but the higher-up just doesn't want to hear it, and after tearing Lou a new one, he leaves him only with one mocking "solid?!" Does this guy not remember Lou's dad is at the top of the food chain...?

+ Check out the video below, and tune in to an all new "Underemployed" Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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