That's What You Said...About Your First Look At Snooki's Parenting Skills

Snooki and her little man, Lorenzo, have a photo session (one more willingly than the other).

Since giving birth to Lorenzo, Snooki has not been a pinch shy about sharing photos of him with the world. Her Twitter and Facebook have become host to virtual anthologies of mother and son shots, but earlier this week, for the first time, we finally saw video evidence of just how much the meatball loves and cares for her child. We leaked footage of Snooki and Jionni parenting their wee one at home before the "Jersey Shore After Hours" special aired, and as soon as Snooks' first happy-tear fell down her cheek, LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE ON EARTH cried, too.

In the time since Enzo was born, fans have been telling us just how much they've appreciated seeing Nicole's softer and more maternal side, but never as adamantly as they did after viewing the sneak peek. Check out what some of you had to say about the clip on Remote Control and Facebook, and tell us if you got choked up as well!

Remote Control:

"He is so cute and I can tell those were real tears. I'm 28 with three kids and I got like that after I had each one of them. Congrats and enjoy every minute--it goes way too fast." -- LABishop3

"Really happy for this little family. After having a child, you're very emotional and it doesn't take much to make you cry. She is obviously overwhelmed with happiness!" -- Shalon

"Looks like Vinny! Just kidding. He is really cute and I love his hair." -- Ciera


"Too freakin' cute! And thanks, Snooki--made me cry when you cried talking about him!" -- Tricia R.

"Lorenzo is the cutest mini-meatball. Snooki, watch out, 'cause when he's 14 or 15 you'll have girls at your door waiting for him!" -- Michelle N.

"I'm so happy for you, Snooki! I thought you'd be sad 'cause you have to slow on the partying, but no, you're a great mother and very responsible." -- Patsy E.

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Photo courtesy of @Snooki