MTV Twitter Roundup: Deena Keeps A Sense Of Humor About Her 'Jersey Shore' Arrest

Deena makes a T-shirt in honor of her day-drinking/dancing-in-the-street arrest.

You know what they say: When life hands you lemons, make...them into novelty T-shirts? In honor of the drunk dancing-in-the-street that landed Deena of "Jersey Shore" in the slammer, the meatball has designed and put up for a sale a shirt commemorating her day of infamy (and advising against it with one blatant slash) on her website. Men's medium: yes?

Elsewhere on the Twitterverse,  Heidi Montag continued to find enlightenment, while Jasmine of "The Challenge" would have no such luck, and cryptically alluded to an enemy she made in Turkey. Challenger of yesteryear Jamie Chung lauded Diem Brown for her bravery in battling cancer, and Farrah of "Teen Mom" continued to set an example for her daughter, Sophia, by preparing for the upcoming election. Think she's a donkey or an elephant...?

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