Watch 5 Of MTV's Slickest Pranksters Hard At Work [Video]

Ever wondered to yourself, "Is this s*** for real?" asks MTV's new hidden-camera show "Totally Clueless," and, well, if you're tasked with helping your boss film an online dating ad or led to believe cats were slaughtered for the perfect cup of soup, chances are, it's not. Thankfully, there are many folks out there who are a little slow on the uptake, so the series plans to exploit them for your enjoyment! The longer the unknowing contestants take to call BS on the weirdness around them, the less money they win. In a perfect world, though, they'll just keep going with the flow...

In honor of the unique amusement that comes with watching unsuspecting strangers get the wool pulled over their eyes, as well as MTV's upcoming "Ultimate Pranked Weekend" (begins airing Saturday at 1:30/12:30c), we strung together a list of the network's most notorious pranksters. You know them well and have probably laughed your ass off at their targets' expense, so take a trip down memory lane and watch their finest moments, plus check out an extended sneak peek of "Totally Clueless" below and be sure to tune in to its premiere Monday, October 22 at 7/6c, followed by "Money From Strangers" at 7:30.

1. Ashton Kutcher for making Justin Timberlake cry on "Punk'd":

2. Vinny and Pauly D of "Jersey Shore" for Operation Inside-Outside:

3. Bam Margera for convincing passersby he's a lunatic (with a pranking assist from Johnny Knoxville):

4. "Money From Strangers"' Jeff Dye for conning a kid into smelling a man's tattoos:

5. Johnny Knoxville, for one hell of a high-five on "Jackass":

"Totally Clueless" sneak peek:

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