The 'Underemployed' Cast Is A Vat Of Hidden Talent Containing One HUGE Toe [Video]

When you play a character who's down on his or her luck, the only way to keep your sanity is to unwind and get wacky every now and again--especially if it involves one massively big toe (but seriously, Inbar Lavi, you could land a 747 on that thing). The cast of "Underemployed" recently took some time between takes to clue viewers into their hidden talents, and all we can say least they're good at acting!

From Michelle Ang's disturbing nose contortion to Jared Kusnitz's spot-on Christopher Walken impression, the fivesome reveal their deepest, darkest skill sets in the video below. "I like to freak people out between takes," master of eye-seizures Sarah Habel says as she smiles through what appears to be the onset of a stroke. Apparently, though, one good eye's all she needs to identify the breed of any dog walking down the street. "Best In Show" host in the making...?

Check out the video, take a look at the cast's very own Presidential campaign song on MTV Act and keep up with "Underemployed" every Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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