Roger And JWOWW's Fight Causes A 'Jersey Shore' Gender Divide [Video]

On Episode 4 of "Jersey Shore," you saw the not-so-humble beginnings of the first Season 6 bar brawl, and five minutes into tonight's episode, you saw the catastrophic effect it had on JWOWW and Roger's relationship. When Jenni tried to stop her adrenaline-charged boyfriend from injuring himself (and others) in the Bamboo fight, Roger was shown grabbing her by the neck and throwing her down to the ground. It was a startling scene, to say the least, and equally so was the venomous argument between the couple that followed, as well as the house's gender divide over who to support.

Pauly, Vinny, Ronnie and Mike displayed solidarity in backing up Roger, reasoning that no woman should ever throw herself in front of a man full of rage. They felt that Jenni was "bitching" too much about her hurt ankle (which turned out to be fractured), and blamed her for inserting herself into a dangerous situation. In contrast, Sammi, Snooki and Deena were shocked to hear that Roger had laid his hands on their friend, or on any woman at all for that matter. Deena was certain that Roger must not have seen Jenni before shoving her out of the way, so finding out that he was, in fact, completely conscious of his action, shook her up. "I just kept trying to figure it out because Roger doesn't look like someone that would hit a girl," Deena says in the "Jersey Shore Hook-up" clip below. "I was like, 'Maybe he didn't know it was her,' but when he did say he did realize it was her then I just kind of stepped back and was like, 'Oh, ok...I don't know what else to say then.'"

By the end of the episode, Jenny and Roger still weren't on speaking terms, and the housemates remained at odds over who was in the wrong. We're sure you guys have your own opinions on the matter--take the poll, watch the "Hook-up" clip and comment with your reactions.

Who do you side with: the girls or the guys?

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