Rumble Roundup! Vote For The Biggest Bar Brawl In 'Jersey Shore' History [Video]

If Cheers is the bar where everybody knows your name, Karma is the club where everybody knows your left hook. There's no denying the "Jersey Shore" cast loves a good ol' bar brawl now and again, and with what could very well be the most intense one yet coming to a head Thursday night, we got to thinking: If the NFL gets power pro rankings, why not Seaside Heights' biggest late-night scuffles?

Below is a collection of the five most memorable watering hole wars we've seen since "Jersey Shore" kicked off in 2009. From the aftermath of Snooki being punched to Team Meatball's accidental friendly fire on the dance floor, the range of clashes has definitely kept us on our toes. Take a look at the videos, tell us which fight you think was the most intense and remember, kids: Violence is never the answer (unless, of course, some chick makes a move to grab your weave).

You don't mess with family (Season 1, Episode 5):

Who's your fat friend? (Season 1, Episode 5):

Meatball power! (Season 4, episode 6):

And I still held onto my clutch! (Season 5, episode 4):

The kid who wouldn't take a walk (Season 5, episode 7):

Which 'Jersey Shore' bar brawl is most memorable?

  • Snooki getting coldcocked
  • Jen defending her friend's honor
  • Team Meatball attacks!
  • Sam brawls but holds on to her clutch
  • Roger goes to bat for his lady

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