Brett Davern And Beau Mirchoff To Continue Onscreen Rivalry In Racing Film

Brett and Beau take their rivalry to the race track in a new film.

Brett Davern and Beau Mirchoff know all about playing characters with their sights set on the same prize. On "Awkward," Jake and Matty went rounds over Jenna Hamilton, but in the new film "Born To Race 2," the two real-life friends will duel over a scholarship school? Sounds like quite a bumpy ride to come, so if we can borrow the wise words of Queen Latifah in "Taxi" for a moment: Buckle up for safety, motherf***er!

The film will focus on a silver spoon-fed racer and his biggest rival, who will go head-to-head in a winner-takes-all drag race, according to The Hollywood Reporter. At the checkered flag lies a one-way ticket to an acclaimed racing school, but when the battle turns disastrous for one of the competitors, the commitment to victory suddenly seems moot. Sounds like some serious tear-jerker potential here--hope they both make it out unscathed for Season 3 of "Awkward"!

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Photo courtesy of @BDavv