Lauren Conrad Struggles To Name 3 Nice Things About Kristin Cavallari [Video]

Andy Cohen wants his MTV! Just last week, the "Watch What Happens Live" host invited the "Jersey Shore" boys onset to play "Stump the Fist Pump," and last night, former "Hills" darling Lauren Conrad was presented with her own set of challenges during the show's signature game, "Plead the Fifth." First up: a quickly kiboshed round of "Marry, Shag or Kill" that offered Justin Bobby, Spencer Pratt and Brody Jenner as options. (The elegant author responded with a startling "Can I kill myself?") Mere seconds later, after dancing around a question about Heidi Montag's multiple plastic surgeries, Lauren was faced with the seemingly torturous task of naming three nice things about her high-school enemy, Kristin Cavallari, to which she replied without hesitation, "She's really good at losing baby weight." Her other two answers didn't arrive as speedily, though she did manage to maintain a polite smile throughout the grueling exam.

It's safe to say that Conrad will never, EVER return to "WWHL," and also quite possible that Andy Cohen received a few less-than-ladylike words after the episode was finished filming. Perhaps something along the lines of "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!!!"

+ Check out the "Plead the Fifth" video, and rate how you think Lauren held up! (We give her an A-, minor points deducted for ruling out a Brody do-over.)

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