The Stand-In Meatball: Sammi's Sweetest Moments

When she's not punching Ronnie in the face or yanking out JWOWW's hair extensions, Sammi "Sweetheart" actually earns her nickname. The self-proclaimed "sweetest bitch you'll ever meet" revealed her inner nice girl during last week's "Jersey Shore" when Deena had yet another meltdown over missing her boyfriend, Chris, whom she had seen mere hours before. Or maybe she was upset over her imaginary case of Toxic Shots Shock Syndrome, we're not entirely sure.

Regardless of the reason behind Deena's tears, Sammi's reaction to her housemate's distress cued a great big "AWWWW" across the country. We assume. And that's what brings us to Sammi's biggest displays of kindness:

Offering to be Deena's stand-in meatball. While Sam could have told Deena to cowboy up and drown her out-of-control emotions in a bottle of vodka, she didn't. She recalled her own never-ending "Shore" sobfest from Season 3, and empathized. She also acknowledged that Deena was missing her meatball-in-crime, Snooki, who had just moved into her "Pregnant House" next door. "If you need me to be a meatball, I'll do my best," Sammi said. "I'm not the best meatball, but I'll do my best to be a meatball."

Forgiving Ronnie...over and over and over again. Whether it's because he made fun of her Fred Flintstone toe, participated in a three-way cheatfest or behaved like an a-hole at Karma once again, Sam is forever wearing her forgiveness fedora. You gotta be a real sweetheart to put up with that much BS from a single gorilla juicehead.

Admitting to being insecure and hypersensitive. Humbly owning up to your own issues like Sam did during Season 2 ain't an easy feat. Then again, we'd be paranoid if we received an anonymous note saying that our lover had gone astray...multiple times.

Apologizing to her friends for being a complete bitch. It can take a gallon of Ron Ron Juice to swallow your pride, and Miss Sweetheart somehow choked it back during Season 3. After finally retracting her claws from the likes of Snooki and Deena, the girls hugged it out.

Laughing at herself. While Snooki was going a bit Psycho Sam in Italy over a spat with Jionni, Jenni called the meatball out, going so far as to compare her behavior to SamRon several times. The best part? Sam actually agreed.

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