Deena Cortese Returns To The Internet Promised Land

Twitterverse, rejoice! After a grueling four days, "Jersey Shore" cast member Deena has made her triumphant return to tweeting! Like many a celeb before her--LeAnn Rimes anyone?--the little meatball took a much-needed hiatus from the social media site last week, even debating whether or not to delete her account altogether.

"Guys, after an exhausting week of press, I am taking short break to get my head screwed back on straight," she wrote before signing off Wednesday. And it looks like unplugging did the guidette some good. On Sunday, she ended her Twitter ban to embrace the fan love:

"hi tweeties..Im back.. just needed a couple days away from social media.. but I love you all and the support..I had a rough couple days and kind of shut down..,this season is a rough one for me at least till episode 8 not only because I miss chris but because I was also going thru some personal issues..and I felt very alone and depressed in that crazy house..," she shared with her almost 1.4 million followers. "It may seem like im annoying but I couldn't help the way I felt and I cant hide my emotions been like that since I was little..but love you all and thanks for being the best supporters ever."

For the record, Deena, we don't think you're annoying. It's your party, cry all you want to!

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Photo: Matthias Clamer