Which 'Underemployed' Character Has What It Takes To Shatter The Glass Ceiling?

By the time SophiaMiles and Daphne gathered around to admire Raviva and Lou's newborn during tonight's "Underemployed" premiere, it was clear this group of friends wasn't as hopeless as they first seemed. Daphne showed ballsy cunning by successfully demanding a paid job (some call it blackmail, but hey--when the going gets tough...), aspiring model Miles snagged a meeting with Calvin Klein, and Sophia...well, she was still at the doughnut shop, but at least her V-card had been mailed. Plus, her future as the world's most sought-after novelist finally saw legs after her writer's block lifted.

We don't want to count our chickens before they hatch--there's still a long way to go for these five naive college grads. Can Raviva possibly become a famous musician now that she's a mom, and how can Lou stay committed to protecting the environment after accepting a job with the city's most notorious polluter (who just so happens to be his father)? Chicago might be The Windy City, but the forecast this season looks a bit more unpredictable.

+ What do you think? Which of the five "Underemployed" characters has a chance to stay in motion and really make some career strides? Take the poll and share your comments!

Which 'Underemployed' character has the potential to really 'make it?'

  • Lou
  • Sophia
  • Daphne
  • Miles
  • Raviva

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