Don't Count Him Out! Knight Proves He Can Be A Nice Guy...Sometimes [Video]

We're willing to bet some people didn't take too kindly to Knight's behavior on the last "Battle Of The Seasons" episode. The "Real World: New Orleans" alum threw Nany's clothes in the pool, called Camila names our virgin ears weren't used to hearing and continued to discount teammate and ex-girlfriend Jemmye's opinions. But we've recently learned that for the massive devil on his left shoulder, there's a bit of an angel on his right, and when he's not causing chaos, Knight has a soft spot for love.

In the Episode 4 "After Show" clip below, Devyn and Big Easy credit Knight for helping them pursue their relationship when both were ready to throw in the towel. Eric says he and Devyn were used to keeping their walls up and staying single, but Knight helped them push through. "It's not like [Knight's] had the easiest relationship," Eric comments. "[He] was just like...I had to deal with the same sh**."

"You were letting something little come in the way of something so good," Knight chimes in. "I'll say this: I was jealous of what they had there." Wow, wasn't quite expecting that one!

+ Check out the clip, and see if Knight can tap more into his good guy side when the next episode of "Battle Of The Seasons" airs Wednesday night at 10/9c!

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