The 'Jersey Shore' Cast Refuses To Correct Their Mispronunciation Of Rivoli's [Bonus Scene]

You say to-may-to, they say to-mah-to...and there's NO WAY they could be wrong.

In a gut-punch tantamount to finding out Santa isn't real, the "Jersey Shore" cast discovers in this bonus scene that they've been mispronouncing the name of their favorite Italian eatery, Rivoli's, since they first started vacationing in Seaside Heights! But JWOWWPauly D and the rest of the gang refuse to go down without a fight. They'll be damned if it's "Ree-voli's," not "Ruh-voh-li's."

After placing a takeout order for dinner during a lazy night in, JWOWW's told by Rivoli's hostess Monica that the restaurant is pronounced differently than Jenni and her roommates have always believed, but after considering the correction, Deena just ain't havin' it. "I think Rivoli's definitely mispronounces their own name," the meatball says. "Because it's spelled Rivoli's, not Rivoli's." You can always depend on D for a good dose of logic.

+ Check out the clip, and be sure to tune in to an all new "Jersey Shore" Thursday night at 10/9c!

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