5 TV Characters With Craptastic Jobs, a la 'Underemployed'

When growing up doesn't involve a single taste of that silver spoon, it's off to work you go. Some postgrads luck out with the jobs of their dreams, or at least employment with the potential for growth. Others...not so much, and nobody knows that better than the characters of the new MTV series, "Underemployed."

So that Miles, Sophia and the rest of their early-20s Chicago crew don't feel so alone in their plight to ditch the bottom rung, we put together a little list of TV characters who also haven't had the best luck when trying to snag a respectable paycheck. Take a look, and tell us if you've got any other favorites!

Hannah of "Girls" -- After being cut off by her parents and accidentally quitting an unpaid internship, Hannah sulked for days (first commiserating with a cupcake) before finally getting a temp job at an office. Her boss communicated with Hannah by giving her unsolicited back rubs and fondling her chest, and when she consulted her co-workers for advice, they suggested she suck it up, because maybe he'd buy her an iPod Nano!

Max of "Happy Endings" -- There are certain statues with more career drive than Max, but when his roommate bore down on him for help with rent, Max had to think on his feet to get an income. Naturally, he resorted to selling his Beanie Baby collection, buying a novelty '80s limo and carting strangers to and from the airport.

Max and Caroline of "2 Broke Girls" -- One's a blue-collar girl used to the grind; the other, a privileged princess who fell from grace. Still, both found themselves moonlighting at a diner that mandates Ronald McDonald uniforms and operates under a sexist boss. They have dreams of opening their own cupcake business, but as things stand, serving up the nightly special will have to cut it.

Rachel of "Friends" -- She had a father who swam in cash and a rich fiance waiting to marry her, but once Rachel called off her wedding, she was left to her own devices. Working at a coffee shop ain't so bad, but when it's the very same one your friends frequent, things can get a liiiitle humiliating. No worries, though--if she had a bad day, she'd just sneeze on your muffin for retribution.

Walter of "Breaking Bad" -- Sure, his story's a little different, but we definitely couldn't ignore a chemistry teacher who turned to making meth when he fell on hard times. TV's most antagonistic protagonist needed some quick cash fast when he learned he'd been diagnosed with lung cancer, and though he eventually took to being a kingpin, a day hasn't gone by that he hasn't feared for his life. Oh, and if you've got a disagreeable boss, be grateful your 9-5 doesn't involve dealing with the Mexican cartel.

+ Be sure to catch the "Underemployed" premiere tomorrow, October 16, at 10/9c!

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