Tyler Posey And Jeff Davis Talk New 'Teen Wolf' Alpha Pack At Comic Con [Video]

Tyler Posey and Jeff Davis give their best photobooth faces at New York Comic Con

While the Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles and a whole gang of manga characters were drawing crowds at New York Comic Con this weekend, MTV Geek was busy ensuring you also got your "Teen Wolf" fix. Tyler Posey and Executive Producer Jeff Davis stopped by the site's live stream to drop bombs on what's to come from Season 3 of the series, and from Davis' recounting of battles with teenage fangirls to analyzing the best Stiles costume money could buy, 11 minutes flew like magic.

After confirming Colton Haynes' exit from the show (step dowwwwn from the ledge, friends...), Davis dove head-first into what tricks the show's new Alpha Pack has up their sleeves. "[They have] come into town, and they're going to be providing some good villainy," he said. Sorry to disappoint fans who hoped their visit to Beacon Hills would be a friendly one, but it looks like they aren't so neighborly after all.

As far as broken-up Allison and Scott are concerned, Posey said his character will learn to land on his feet. "He's a man," he said of Scott. "He's mature, and he's like 'You know what? I'm...gonna say that I'll wait for you, 'cause I know that you still love me.'"

+ Check out the clip below, and make your way to MTV Geek for a whole panel discussion around the show and more New York Comic Con video!

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Photos: Colin Gray

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