Get Your First Look At Mama Snooki In Action! [Video]

You've flipped through the oooh/awww-inducing photo album and heard all about little Lorenzo's breastfeeding schedule via Twitter, but Mama Snooki is now ready to share actual VIDEO of her baby with the world at large. Thursday night, after Episode 5 of "Jersey Shore" airs on MTV, the network will host an after show featuring an intimate look inside Snooki and Jionni's drastically different life as new parents.

As cameras document the reality queen doing all sorts of maternal things in this sneak peek, she cries tears of joy that her "healthy and beautiful" child is finally out of the womb. "I'm just really happy that Lorenzo is here," she says before getting utterly, endearingly choked up. It is perhaps the most genuine glimpse of Nicole Polizzi ever shown on TV, though the moment is (naturally) interrupted seconds later when she takes note of her son's potent farts. "He's so cool," she concludes after a second whiff.

Check out the clip, and make sure to tune in Thursday night at 10/9c for an-all new episode of "Jersey Shore," followed by the "After Hours" special at 11/10c.

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