'Dickhead' Ronnie Apologizes To Sammi With Flowers! [Bonus Scene]

Looks like Ronnie of "Jersey Shore" has been catching up on "The Hills!" Lauren Conrad once famously advised, "Flowers mean 'I'm sorry,' chocolates mean 'I love you'" and, after Season 6's first SamRon blowup at Karma, Sir Magro is ready to accept the wise woman's counsel and admit his wrongdoings to girlfriend Sammi.

In the bonus scene below, Sam is greeted with a bouquet of flowers and the greatest accompanying card Hallmark never made. "That's for Saturday for being a dickhead," Ron says as Sam stumbles onto her fresh arrangement, beaming. He then directs her toward the card, which reads, straight from a sonnet: "I'm sorry I'm an assh***. I love you, Sam." Could The Bard, himself, have crafted anything more rich or elegant? "That is so nice of you," Sam responds as she sorts through the blooms. And, if you had any doubts, the sentiment will be quickly framed and hung on the wall, right above the "Apologies for f***ing with your sh** last Tuesday night, babe" hand-sewn throw pillow. Aww!

+ Check out the clip, and head over to the "Shore" site for more bonus content from the latest episodes.

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