A Sexy Sooner Tests Brett Davern's Longhorn Loyalty [Video]

Few things can shake the bond a man forms with his alma mater's football team, but consider a sexy party-crasher one of them! Brett Davern of "Awkward" is a tried-and-true Longhorns fan in a new comedy sketch for Funny Or Die, and just when he settles into the rhythm of a game with fellow Texas alums, a Sooners fan shows up, and she shows no signs of staying quiet.

When a guest first warns Brett's character that his friend plans to stop by, the host tortures himself with hypotheses of who "The Uninvited" might be. "She's hideous, isn't she?" he decides. It ends up being worse though--she lives on the other side of the Red River Rivalry, and just as quickly as she enters with a "wooo!" Brett's night is ruined. The two exchange jabs over notable alumni and which state exports worse beer until they're ultimately so overwhelmed by sexual tension that a romp in the bathroom is decidedly the only way to settle the score. BUT HOW DOES THE GAME END?!

Peep the video below to see the living-and-breathing antithesis to Brett's alter ego, golden boy Jake Rosati.

The Uninvited: A Red River Rivalry Nightmare from Alexis Knapp

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