That's What You Said...About The First Page Of The 'Teen Wolf' Season 3 Script

We admit it: Dangling the first page of the "Teen Wolf" Season 3 script in front of you was about as kind as holding a raw slice of beef just out of a Pit Bull's reach. And as soon as the first few lines of Isaac's rather unfortunate storyline hit the web, fans freaked out--will he survive? What does the "girl" want and, most importantly--who is she?

You might think you know, but Executive Producer Jeff Davis has proven time and time again that viewers should condition themselves to reject the expected. We still have a long road ahead before we can say conclusively what will happen next in Beacon Hills, but here is what some of you predicted:

Remote Control:


"That's crazy! Ever since Isaac got the bite, he's come off as someone who could grow into a strong and smart werewolf. I hope he doesn't die!" -- Ashton

"Could it be Erica as the "blond girl"? -- Rosanne


"Poor Isaac, hasn't he been through enough?! Is it greedy to wish there had been more? See what you do to me, 'Teen Wolf'? You make me greedy." -- Sherilyn H.

"I can't help but feel that there are going to be vampires or some other supernatural creature coming up in the new season." -- Zeth M.

"How much do you wanna bet that the girl that talks to the vet is the high school counselor?" -- Alondra S.

+ Haven't read the script's first page yet? Get on it, and add to the fan discussion!

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