MTV Twitter Roundup: Pauly D's Got One Hell Of A Big Head

Wait: Which one is Pauly?! The DJ poses with a larger-than-life impersonator.

It's not quite Halloween, but it seems the freaks have already been cut loose! During a recent DJ set, Pauly D of "Jersey Shore" was joined onstage by a man whose giant prosthetic head honored the guido's blowout, and, true-to-form, Pauly could only laugh it off. "This guy is trying to take my job!" he posted to Twitter. Better check that contract!

Jessica Lu of "Awkward" got into the Halloween spirit as well across MTV-centric social media as she sought inspiration for a costume, while Pauly's roommate, Ronnie, quite possibly found all the creative spark he needed during a chance meeting with Hulk Hogan. Jillian Rose Reed issued a preemptive missing person's report on herself, and though Knight of "Battle Of The Seasons" was nothing short of a monster on the most recent episode, the Nawlins alum proved he does indeed have a heart.

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Photo: @DJPaulyD

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