Snooki Gives A Tour Of Her 'Pregnant House' In Seaside [Video]

Snooki and little Lorenzo sure get around. After dropping the bomb on her "Jersey Shore" cast mates that she was packing up Crocadilly and moving to her own place while filming the rest of Season 6, we immediately began to miss her presence. A Snooki-less "Shore" house is like MVP without Shirts Before the Shirts!

Sure, we get it. A place where fistfights (with walls or otherwise), threesomes and dog poop pranks happen on the reg is not ideal for a pregnant meatball to rub anti-"wrinkle" goo on her stomach--but that's three moves in a matter of months! First there was her Polly Pocket pad in Jersey City, then the iconic Seaside Heights house and then...this teeny, tiny pad right next door, complete with teeny, tiny bathroom. Guess it's the perfect-sized love nest for Snooks and her sweet 'n' stocky fiancé! [Insert short joke from Roger here.]

During filming, Nicole made sure to give her new home an animal-print makeover (this time without Handyman Anthony's assistance), as it was in crucial need of some Snookification, but we got to see the original decor she was dealing with during a personal tour. Check out the Boca-esque bungalow in the video below:

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