Ashley Rickards Shares How She 'Made It' Onto 'Awkward.' [Sneak Peek]

A lot can be achieved through a single text message. Friendships can begin, relationships can end and, in the case of Ashley Rickards, dreams can come true. The "Awkward" star talks about the moment she knew she'd earned her way onto the MTV series in the below sneak peek of Saturday's "This Is How I Made It" premiere, and rather than toast to her success with champagne and some shoe shopping, she let the adrenaline rush propel her into what we can only imagine was the most efficient cardio workout of all time. CRANK THAT DIAL!

Ash shares how show creator Lauren Iungerich first gave her the nod to play Jenna Hamilton, and other stories, started with an SMS. "[Lauren]'s like: 'Psst. You nailed it!'" Ashley says. "I was at the gym and I was like 'Heck yeah!' and turned the elliptical up faster. Oh yeah, celebration run!" Certainly sounds more effective than "Jock Jams." Not that we've got a copy...

+ Check out the clip, and tune in for all of Ashley's story toward stardom when "This Is How I Made It" kicks off Saturday, October 13 at noon!

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