'Jersey Shore' Poll: Is It Time For Mike To Wife Up Paula?

According to Lauren Conrad's lady laws, a woman should always be agreeable, breezy and confident. According to Mike's, she should be on call 24/7--you know, like a reliable car service! The "Jersey Shore" star takes some time to describe his unconventional relationship with Paula in the "Hook-up" clip below, specifically noting how much he's come to appreciate her schedule. Or...lack thereof.

"Paula is like Triple-A, man, she's always there," Mike tells host Kenny Santucci when asked about how often his kind-of/sort-of girlfriend is down for a booty call. Somewhere across the six seasons they've been 'hanging out,' Paula has managed to break down the newly sober guy's walls, but Mike says she understands that he's got innate playboy tendencies (we imagine making out with another girl a few days into summer qualifies!), and remains "flexible."

Still, as Ronnie points out, there are parts to Paula that are a bit more rigid:

"She has ass-pads," he says bluntly. Fair enough!

+ Check out the video below, and vote in the poll whether or not Mike should make the relationship official! Think Jenni's Episode 3 musings were right--do these crazy kids belong together?

[poll name="JerseyShore10_11_12" question_count="2"]

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