'Jersey Shore' Poll: Should Snooki Forgive Mike?

Forgive and forget? Tell it to someone who isn't Snooki. When the Seaside Heights house defector informed Mike during Episode 4 of "Jersey Shore" that she had no intention of EVER reinstating their friendship ("Just because you're healthy, I'm supposed to forgive you?" she asked indignantly), it was as if a thousand puppies were put down right in front of his eyes.

No one's saying the kid doesn't deserve her scorn--for the last two seasons, he made it his personal mission to destroy Nicole's relationship with her current fiance/baby daddy--but...he has expressed a great deal of general remorse over his pre-sobriety behavior, and he is trying to make amends, albeit in the most indirect way ever. "I told him, what he needs to do is pull her aside from the group, not when we're all sitting down at dinner," says Ronnie in the below clip from this week's "Jersey Shore Hook-up." "He needs to sit her aside, go upstairs, say 'This is what happened...I'm sorry.'" Ya hear that, Sitch? Sandwiches don't fix everything!

+ Check out the video to hear why exactly Mike believes food is a friendship cure-all, as well as what his roommates thought of his Season 6 transformation, then vote in the poll whether or not he deserves a second chance from Snooks.

Should Snooki forgive Mike?

  • Yes, if he actually apologizes to her.
  • No, never.

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