MTV's 'Catfish' To Expose Liars Cruising For Love Online [Trailer]

While the ideal romance begins over a candlelight dinner or within the Whole Foods produce section, the Internet has turned the process of dating on its head. From general social-networking sites to interest-driven hookup hubs, finding a mate across cyberspace is as easy as 1, 2, click. But when a connection between two humans stays in the chat room (...too '90s?), and a virtual couple only ever remains as such, there is a huge risk that one--or both--are not necessarily who they say they are. Enter: photographer and producer Nev, and the new MTV investigative series "Catfish."

In the show's trailer below, Nev--who famously set out to find the true identity of his online love interest in the 2010 namesake movie--will travel around the country to help online daters sort out the strange habits of their plug-and-play boyfriends or girlfriends. Some say the Internet helps keep courtship breezy, and others say they're just too busy to carve out face time, but as soon as Nev hears that famous line: "We haven't met yet," there is reason to believe that something just ain't right.

+ Will these online couples experience love at first sight upon finally meeting in person, or will everything fall apart when certain lies come to light? See for yourself when "Catfish" premieres on Monday, November 12 at 10/9c!

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