'The Situation' Takes A Stand Against Unprotected Cat Sex [Video]

He's not playin' around! Listen to Sitch and get your kitty spayed or neutered.

Felines: Cute, cuddly, SEX-CRAZED MACHINES. Don't let the ol' yarn-chasing ruse fool you--they're just trying to tire you out, and once you finally hit the sheets, the mission for cat-ass begins. Unfortunately, the many animal kingdom indiscretions produce more kittens than shelters can accommodate, and since Mike "The Situation" of "Jersey Shore" is all too aware of the risks unprotected sex presents, he's on a mission (shirtless, of course) to get pet owners to consider having their furry counterparts spayed or neutered.

According to the PETA ad above, millions of animals are euthanized each year simply because there isn't enough space for them in shelters, and there are more awaiting adoption than there are currently owned. LOOK AT THOSE FACES! Do you want to be responsible for Mr. Whiskers' demise? Didn't think so. Sure, cats need love too, but there's no reason they can't lock it up like the rest of us. Plus: Do you want your Calico to be the cul-de-sac's resident tramp? Hey, if your conscience can handle it...

+ Tell us what you think about Mike's new advocacy efforts, and watch him speak out below!

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Photo: Gabrielle Revere