Will Nany Be Able To Tough Out 'The Challenge?'

The clothes-in-the-pool routine? Yeah, we've seen it before, but that doesn't mean it sucks any less. As soon as Knight pegged Nany as the insecure type--and since he was already wary of Team Vegas' wishy-washy loyalty to New Orleans--he made moves to break the newbie down, going as far as to sink her wardrobe without provocation and to start in with her after a cast-wide war of words on the bus. Nany was tired of Knight picking fights with women across "Battle Of The Seasons," and after his tirade against Camila, Nany stepped in to stop him once and for all. Then, she got burned.

"I don't know if there are full moons in Turkey at this time, or what's going on, but people are completely insane at night over here," Trishelle, Nany's teammate, observed as war erupted on the way back from the bar. At the house, shots between Nany and Knight kept firing, and when Knight finally exhausted the word "bitch," Nany crumbled and threatened to leave the house. "I have not had a man disrespect me like that in so long," she said. "At this point, $250,000 means nothing to me." Ultimately, she decided to stick around, but Trishelle wasn't necessarily comforted. "It is a constant job to have to clean up the mess of Team Vegas," she remarked.

+ Will Nany be able hang on through the rest of the game, or is she too much of a ticking time bomb? Share your thoughts!

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