'Battle Of The Seasons' Poll: Should Devyn Follow Through With The Arena?

"Battle Of The Seasons" might have found one of its punching bags in Team Brooklyn, but at least Devyn, Sarah, Chet and JD have agreed to play the game fairly. The foursome concluded that if they're forced to keep seeing elimination rounds (very likely), they can at least abide by a rotation schedule to uphold morale. So, since Chet and Sarah faced The Arena most recently, it's Devyn and JD's turn. Right...?

After being sentenced to yet another elimination round as the last-place finishers in "Don't Weigh Me Down," BK's former enemies Devyn and JD readied themselves for the fight to come. But, with a new potential boyfriend in Big Easy, Devyn had second thoughts as she threw on her dark blue jersey and realized that by facing off against Fresh Meat, she could potentially send Eric home. Suddenly, she was left sorting through a battle between head and heart. When TJ finally asked for a volunteer, though, Dev stepped up to the shock of her fellow competitors. The question is: Should she have?

+ Does Devyn have an obligation to go into The Arena, or should she still try to stick out the game alongside Eric? Tell us what you think!

Should Devyn follow through with The Arena?

  • Of course! That's how the rotation goes.
  • No, she should reconsider now that she's dating Eric.

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