Leah And Her Little Girl, Ali, Model New Braces And Glasses [Photo]

Try not to smile at all this mother-and-daughter joy.

If this is the look of a metal-mouth or four-eyes, we'll gladly take either title. Leah of "Teen Mom 2" and her little girl, Ali, gave one good pluck to Leah's Twitter followers' heartstrings recently with photos of their new braces and glasses, respectively. We can personally attest that orthodontia is no walk in the park (WHY, HEADGEAR? WHY?!), but you'd never know there was a speck of discomfort. We smell a holiday card...

"Mommy & Ali girl," the mother of twins tweeted alongside the shot above. This, just after Ali got a new pair of pink glasses, which she modeled for Leah on the front porch. With so much uncertainty surrounding Ali's health condition in past seasons of the show, we're glad to see the parent and child looking so blissfully happy. Hopefully Aleeah doesn't end up jealous of her sis's new look!

+ Check out the photos, and tell us just how much you're diggin' Ali's eyewear!

Ali makes a fashion statement with some pastel frames.

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Photos courtesy of @TM2LeahDawn