Meet The Bottom Rung-Dwelling 'Underemployed' Characters [Video]

As bright as the sun might shine on any student's long-awaited college graduation day, ominous skies have a knack for following. New MTV scripted series "Underemployed" follows a group of Chicago twentysomethings who endure the humiliation of shifts at the nearby donut shop and stripping to make ends meet in hopes that they're one upward-facing penny away from some good fortune. If we get down to brass tacks, though, a respectable career is still probably a loooooong ways away.

In the collection of character profile videos below, you'll get a brief glimpse into the lives of each of the show's five begrudging underachievers. There's Daphne, whose put-together guise masks the fact that she can't manage to turn her internship into a paid job (maybe sleeping with the boss will help...?), benevolent Lou, who only wants to make a difference in the world, but whose efforts are rewarded with unplanned fatherhood and then, of course, there's academic-standout Sophia, whose dreams of slinging ink amount to asking customers if they meant to ask for chocolate-frosted or chocolate-glazed. Add a stay-at-home mommy musician and male escort-in-training, and you've got post-grad life at its finest.

Meet the gang, and tune in for the series premiere of "Underemployed" Oct. 16 at 10/9c.

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