A Little Help For Our 'Inbetweeners' Friends: On Calling Dibs And Dating Down

Those four naive boys comprising "The Inbetweeners" are entertaining without a doubt, but sometimes you just want to throw 'em a helping hand, or the world's largest lifeboat, to rescue them from death by humiliation. Each week, we're spotlighting the guys' most embarrassing moments from the current episode, and detailing how someone a teensy bit smoother might've wiggled their way out of the situation. Consider it a service to you, dear reader, so you never have to endure the same kind of ongoing shame.

The scenario: When Will winds up sitting next to Lauren on a field trip bus ride, he spends more time trying to hold back puke than making small talk. Once Simon gets a glance at her and swoops in, the boys go head-to-head to win her love, which boils down to the weirdest double date we've ever seen.

The takeaway: When two friends call dibs on a hot babe, it always comes to the tiebreaker: girl's choice. After all, shouldn't she have some say in this? And, judging from the extra long, extra weird hug Lauren and Simon shared, this one's pretty much buttoned up. Will's gonna keep trying to swoop her away, but we say: play fair or beware. No chick is worth losing your best bro over. Well, maybe if she's as hot as Lauren is.

The scenarioJay's finally put his boner jokes and lady digs aside for his new true love--who just so happens to be a biiiiit younger. As in, a matching pajamas-wearing seventh-grader. But hey, the only thing worse than dating a thirteen-year-old is being totally single, right?

The takeaway:  Yeesh, Jay! We can't condone the cradle-robbing, but if we're encouraging everyone else to follow their hearts, we gotta do the same for you. Get parental permission, take it slow and don't tell anyone at school. Who knows! This little lady could be the one to tame your kindergarten-level maturity. It ain't gonna be pretty, but that's par for the course when you're dating a MIDDLE-SCHOOLER.

The scenario: When Will gets a second chance with Lauren on the bus ride back, he passes his motion sickness bracelet her way to woo her back. Smooth move...until it leads to a bout of projectile vomiting all over the walls, the toilet and himself in the bus bathroom. Then: the glorious walk back to his seat in his skivvies.

The takeaway: Now, this certainly isn't an ideal situation (and haven't you heard of Dramamine, son?!) but, strutting your half-naked, scrawny nerd body down the bus runway has its advantages. We say: Keep up the good work! Fight for the new girl and let no amount of bile get in the way. If Carly still talks to Simon after VomPalooza '12, you should be good as gold. Or, as shiny as that silver stabilization bracelet.

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