A Giant Club Brawl Breaks Out On The Next 'Jersey Shore' [Sneak Peek]

The "Jersey Shore" housemates have matured leaps and bounds since they each first set foot in Seaside Heights--Snooki's hung up her Team Meatball uniform and gotten reacquainted with underwear, Mike's off the sauce and inching closer to an exclusive relationship, Sammi and Ronnie only break up on weekends--but that doesn't mean everyone's gone completely soft. There's always room for a MASSIVE BAR FIGHT! And on Thursday's all-new back-to-back episodes, that's exactly what you'll find. You're welcome?

Fit appears to hit the shan during a night out at Bamboo in the sneak peek below, causing mass chaos among clubgoers and bouncers alike. Muffled obscenities and instructions to "chill" are subtitled over the raucous scene of swinging fists and testosterone-coated mosh pits, and amid all the melee, countless lemon drop shots are tragically wasted and brand new Jordans scuffed. This is not one for the tourist brochure, folks.

Check out the video for a quick reminder of this series' rough and tumble roots, and make sure to tune in Thursday night at 10/9c for episodes 3 AND 4 of "Jersey Shore."

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