'Jersey Shore' Celibacy, Day 1: Vinny Considers Boinking A Toy [Bonus Scene]

Hey, nobody said this was gonna be easy, pal. While still in the same clothes he was wearing when he first took a vow of celibacy in front of his housemates, Vinny of "Jersey Shore" already starts to feel the effects of a sexless lifestyle in the below bonus scene from Episode 2. Luckily, Ronnie is nearby to talk his buddy through the pain, but...he mostly just mocks him.

"I'm trying to go the longest I ever went," Vinny says, adding that a day hasn't gone by since age 11 in which he hasn't at least...uh...fiddled with himself. He says he's sure staying pure helps guys achieve a higher level of thinking (unless they're asked to actually spell "celibate"), but even talking about his chaste lifestyle gets Vinny hot and bothered, and he turns to a toy sow in an act of desperation. "It's not the first pig you've f***ed in this house," Ronnie points out as Vin and his new girl get down to business. Touche, sir.

Check out all the non-sex below!

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