Knight Gets Into Nany's Head (And Wardrobe) By Pulling A Tonya [Sneak Peek]

It was a moment tried-and-true "Challenge" fans will never forget: After having been implicated by Beth about hooking up with Robin's boyfriend, Tonya got her mitts on most of Beth's luggage, took it out to the cast's backyard and emptied each rolling suitcase and satchel into the pool. "Inferno 2" aired long before Knight was ever a part of the "Real World," but apparently, he remembers the moment quite clearly, and on the next "Battle Of The Seasons," gives a nod to the classics.

While Nany recruits most of the house to help find her lost laundry in the sneak peek below, Knight quietly sits back and watches. Without having to ask a single question, Jemmye knows her ex-boyfriend is responsible, and after a brief interrogation, the former hockey player admits to tossing Nany's freshly pressed linens into the mansion's swimming space. "Laundry in Turkey is not done very well," Knight says, as he kicks back and relishes his prank-and-then-some. "So, I thought I would help her clean her stuff a little bit better." Jemmye, like us, has no idea why Knight has made Nany his target, but we can only imagine what she'll do when she finds out.

+ Check out the video, and be sure to tune in to an all new "Battle Of The Seasons" Wednesday night at 10/9c.

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