The Only Baby Cuter Than Lorenzo Was His Mom! [Photo]

Baby Snooki had some mean hair.

Our "Jersey Shore" mommy/businesswoman extraordinaire, Snooki, has no doubt had her hands full lately, but thankfully, she took some time out recently to get in touch with her roots. Just when we thought there was nothing cuter than a photo of her son, Lorenzo, propped up next to a giant shoe, Nicole one-upped it with a TwitPic of herself as a lil' bugger! Ready yourself for an extended "Awwwwww!"

We've been taken aback over the past few weeks by Snooks' motherly glow, but we're more surprised to see how her younger teensy self is exactly like her older, still-teensy self. Big guidette hair (kiddie pouf and all!)? Check. Huge party-ready smile? The "x" is in the box. Hand firmly pressed to her juice? We've got an exact match, folks.

Looks like our beloved Snooks hasn't changed much since her days as a tot, which means at this rate, Lorenzo's gonna be happy, adorable and very well-dressed for life. Pre-school ladies, prep those bare ring fingers!

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Photo courtesy of @Snooki