Imprisoned Amber Portwood On Life Without Her Daughter: 'I Don't Even Matter' [Sneak Peek]

In the "Teen Mom" finale special, we learned that, after a probation violation--and as consequence of her opiate addiction--Amber had been arrested and sentenced to prison. "It was time for me to stop partying," she wrote in a statement read by Dr. Drew. Amber wasn't able to speak to her Season 4 experiences in person, but Tuesday night, we'll have the chance to finally hear from her mouth how she wound up behind bars, and what exactly life is like without her little daughter, Leah.

In the sneak peek of the special below, Amber reveals that only her mother has visited her since she first entered the correctional facility, and though she speaks to Gary and Leah nearly every day over the phone, she has seen neither since she left home. "[It's] like I don't even matter," she says, adding that Gary has not yet signed the necessary visitation papers to allow Leah to see her mother. " [It's] Like I never mattered."

"[Leah] actually said, 'Can I come over to your house?'" Amber continues. "What do you say to a three-year-old? How many times can you...keep letting them down?"

+ Check out the video, and hear Amber's story about where life has led her since "Teen Mom" Tuesday night at 10/9c.

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