Next On 'Ridiculousness': Attractive People Can Fall, Too! [Sneak Peek]

There are certain advantages tossed toward those blessed by the gene pool. The elusive "Perfect 10" can cut corners without much backlash, charm her way out of sticky situations and ultimately get what she wants. Still, as Rob Dyrdek points out on the upcoming "Ridiculousness," she still has the capacity to eat sh** all the same. Rob and WWE Divas Nicole and Briana--better known as The Bella Twins--discuss how even certifiable dime pieces can't escape the pitfalls of gravity, though they might look divine on the way down.

From troubles with stripper poles to grocery cart-riding gone so, so wrong, the good-looking prove they're not immune to a bruise or two in the sneak peek of tonight's all-new episode below. Just when you think it's safe to skateboard in heels and a skimpy bra, it turns out: not such a great idea. But hey, we've all gotta learn for ourselves...

+ Check out the video, and be sure to tune in to an all-new "Ridiculousness" tonight at 10/9c!

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