Vinny Guadagnino On MVP's Rebirth: 'The Band Got Back Together' [Video]

Vinny Guadagnino walks the red carpet at the "Jersey Shore" premiere party.

Clearer focus, more energy, zero hangovers: These are just a few of the advantages a sober lifestyle might offer. And, for Mike Sorrentino, staying clean also means the reclaiming of his ultimate wingman title. Sitch and Vinny analyze the dynamics of the "Jersey Shore" MVP reboot in the Season 6 Premiere Party Fan Q&A below, and apparently, it includes a whole lotta lady-killin'.

"The band got back together," Vinny says in reference to Mike's triumphant return to the exclusive club. "He wrangled up all the girls again. I call him the beagle--'cause a beagle's a hunting dog--so, whenever you need somebody to go recruit women, he doesn't care." And for the fan who asked whether JWOWW and Sammi are truly friends, the answer is a resounding yes, which sometimes leaves Roger out of sorts on date night. "When we're at dinner together, with Ronnie and Sammi, I'm like, 'Do you two realize that it wasn't that long ago that you were, like, punching each other in the face?'" Hey, as long as conversation doesn't lead to religion or politics...

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