Snooki's Little Man, Lorenzo, Is Outsized By Roger's High-Top [Photo]

Look, they match and everything! Snooki's baby and Rog's shoe: One in the same.

We can't say for sure, but those high-tops miiiight not be the kid's size.

While hangin' out with her BFF Snooki recently, "Jersey Shore" cast member Jenni decided to try out a little experiment after noticing just how big her soon-to-be husband's feet were...or was it how small little Lorenzo was? Either way, she set Rog's funky Dunk right beside Snooki's wee one and discovered they are essentially mirrors of each other. Yup, that kid could BATHE in the casual footwear--not that we'd recommend it, but if you're ever in a pinch, Nicole...

"LMAO same size, so adorable," JWOWW tweeted once she had successfully captured the baby book-worthy shot. We're sure it was a pretty cool revelation initially, but once the idea set in that Enzo could go missing anytime the mudroom became overcrowded with sneaks, there was probably plenty of baby-proofing to do. The LaValle household may be a sandal-only residence soon enough.

+ Check out the photo, and keep your fingers crossed that Rog doesn't clomp on Jenni's feet when they're Jersey Turnpiking for the first time as man and wife!

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Photo courtesy of @JenniWOWW