MTV Twitter Roundup: Zach And Big Easy Go Rounds Over Workout Routines

Big Easy came into "Battle Of The Seasons" a mere fraction of his former big-guy self, but for Zach (once referred to by Frank as "Thor"), the change meant nothing if it didn't lead to solid performance on the field. The "Real World: San Diego" cast member took a Twitter shot or two at Eric after watching his basic exercise routine with Devyn on the show's most recent episode, but E had no plans to turn the other cheek, and bit back.

While Zach was busy using Eric's penchant for Taco Bell against him, Jessica Lu of "Awkward" couldn't have been more on board with her favorite fast-food chain, and plead for a chance to be the company's superfan spokeswoman. And as "Jersey Shore"'s sixth season kicked off, its cast members chimed in on the Twitterverse, too; Deena, to defend her new identity as person-who-is-always-crying and Snooki to sound off on how odd it is to watch her pregnant self while a since-born Lorenzo slept soundly.

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Photos: Rene Cervantes and Piotr Sikora