Love Was In The Air At Last Night's 'Jersey Shore' Premiere Party [Video]

There are more than a few fights among the most memorable "Jersey Shore" moments, but last night, Cupid's arrow was the only weapon working overdrive, and the show's Season 6 premiere party included one declaration of love after the next. From JWOWW and Roger's engagement story to Vinny's inference that his rumored relationship with "Guy Code" feature Melanie Iglesias isn't off the mark, the red carpet was nothing short of a bleeding-heart-studded love-fest.

In the video from last night's live stream below, host Kenny Santucci gets the dirt on the show's old and new romances, alike. Sammi and Ronnie spill the details of their moving in together ("Taking it slow!" they both assured us) and Deena tells viewers we'll be seeing a lot of her boyfriend, Chris (or, as viewers might know him more intimately: the guy she cried over across the two-hour premiere). "We've been together for almost a year now," D gushed, chalking up her relationship to love at first sight.

Check out the video, and tell us if you can believe Pauly D is now the only single house mate of the bunch! That is, if you don't count his bromance with Vin. "It's been a long road, but we're still together," he tells Kenny. "I'm just waitin' for him to pop the question."

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Photo courtesy of @MTV